Send us your videotape. Very easily.. Media in category "Billy Cunningham" The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. I could. for once. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. One of the more recent players on this list, Chris Birdman Anderson is known for his celebratory arm flapping and his intriguing tattoos. Part of Dr. Js legend is the same as the mystique of a gunfighter coming into town, Costas said. Thats a mouthful. Artis (A-Train) Gilmore, George (Ice) Gervin and Larry (Big Cat) Kenon all dunked admirably. Professional basketball player, sports administrator "We just helped knock on doors and pull people out of their homes last night. Joey? "Cunningham, William John ("Billy") It sure did make me feel good inside.. On a good day, he said. Theyve run like the wind, ducked like a water fowl, flown like jet planes, and scored more points than Cassanova in a disco. the official stats partner of the NBA, NHL and MLB. The soaring flight of the great leaper is amazing, even to himself. . Can you do that? His playing days ended on one play in the 1975-76 season. After this historic 2015 event, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #WhiteMenCanJump (the up in lit up is so well placed, right?). Among his numerous career achievements, he was named to the 1966 All-Rookie Team and three All-NBA First Teams. We ask the player to stand next to a wall, flat-footed, one arm stretched to its maximum, and mark the apex of his fingers. As a rebounder and jump shooter he averaged 18.5 ppg and 7.3 rpg. He finished well out of the running--or jumping--when he clanged at least one attempt off the rim. Thats how much air was between Connaughton and those shiny floorboards at the NBA Combine in 2015. Other notable dunks include his shot on the Sonics seriously ticked off Robert Reid, and another on the Knicks flabbergasted Patrick Ewing. Okay, so LaVine is technically not 100% Caucasian. In the 2005 NBA pre-draft camp he gained 34.5 inches of air. The following season Philadelphia won sixty-two games and the Eastern Division title but lost to the Celtics in the playoffs. In the JC championship game, an opponent fired a jump shot at the buzzer. Watch even half of any of his highlight reels and youll understand why he made this list. I was a good free throw shooter in college.. billy cunningham vertical jump - a portrait of the artist as filipino - a portrait of the artist as filipino - Now an NBA journeyman, Dawkins came into the NBA in 1975, straight out of high school, billed as the center of the future. Joey didnt even have his shoes laced, Clarke said. Thats a white head, remember. As a child he wa, A few of the big-time leapers did make it--Jumpin Johnny Green, Pogo Joe Caldwell and Tommy (the Hawk) Hawkins, who was a Laker rookie when the team moved to Los Angeles in 1960. If accurate, that would have put him as the 10th-highest max vertical leaper (not standing, but with a short running start) in the NBA Draft, just behind Grayson Allen's number of 40.5 inches. In 1972-73, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the American Basketball Association and he scored 18 points in the ABA All-Star Game. Before the game, English and I went back and forth. Cade Cunningham has a vertical jump of 41 inches. Wed been on the bus eight hours by then, Trenkle said. I see kids in the eighth grade, kids 5-11, dunking behind their heads, said Rod Thorn, former National Basketball Assn. According to a warrant for Morrow's arrest, he's facing charges of assault by strangulation, second-degree kidnapping and communicating threats. They are enshrined in a mythical Museum of Leap. In the Museum of Leap, Wilt (the Big Dipper) Chamberlain has his own wing. In the six years of the NBAs slam dunk contest, only one white player has been invited to compete, 6-10 Tom Chambers in 1986. The ABA wasnt about dignity, it was about style. One dunking dinosaur who could fly and play was Gus Johnson, a 6-6 hipster-forward who had a gold star implanted in a front tooth. Judging by a still shot the DukeMBB videographer took during the testing, Williamson cleared a vertical leap mark of 40 inches. Every time Gus slam-dunked at home, the recorded sound of a rifle shot would whistle through the arena. 1 in everyones heart and myths is Jumpin Jackie Jackson, also known as Sidecar Jackson. In his first playoff appearance, he led the Sixers to a 4-game sweep against the Knicks,[12] before bowing down to the Bullets in six games. The Cougars had finished last the previous season, but with Brown and Cunningham inspiring the team, the Cougars finished first. We should be glad he doesnt demand his own useum. But the winning wasnt over. Is Billy Cunningham married? Cunningham was part of a group that helped to secure an NBA franchise for Miami in the late 1980s. The greatest leaper I ever saw was Jackie. Dean Smith, the new coach at the University of North Carolina, was not as impressed, at least not immediately. Somebody done gotcha. But man, that was sweet music. Herb White was moved to write a poem about an eagle that had lost its ability to soar. That said, you can see his leaping ability when he takes off. Thats the outer space were dealing with today, the sky above the hoop, the rare air inhabited by only a select group of humans, the legendary leapers. ! In the 197374 season, Cunningham and the Cougars finished third in the Eastern Division and lost again to the Kentucky Colonels in the Eastern Division semifinals. Cunningham could not even crack the starting lineupwhich included Wilt Chamberlain, Chet Walker, Lucious Jackson, Hal Greer, and Wally Jonesbut he averaged 18.5 points and 7.3 rebounds per game coming off the bench. Manigault, for instance, developed an addiction to heroin, stole to get it, did time in two prisons. Lift up an arm and hop once or twice to get a feel for how far away the rim is. The Philadelphia 76ers selected Cunningham in the first round of the 1965 NBA Draft, figuring the 6-foot-6 bony and mobile player would be a guard. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Cunningham had just snared a defensive rebound and was dribbling to the Sixers free-throw line when, as he later recounted, his knee just exploded. No one had touched him, although Alfred Butch Beard was given a foul on the play. He said he was afraid he would cut himself. That Feb. 8, the ABA trotted out its five best slammers. I asked Kareem if he ever did, and he could jump a little bit. Lets add Billy Hoyle as an honourary #16 to this list, shall we? . So I did a 360, two handed, and he conceded.. In Cunninghams debut year the team went 55-27 and won the Atlantic Division before losing to eventual-champion Washington in the Eastern Conference finals. Do you have a sports website? In 1962, Johnson jumped and touched a spot high on the wall, and a nail was driven into the spot to commemorate the unbelievable leap. When Cunningham got off the bus in Chapel Hill in the fall of 1961, he was all skin and bones, a freckle-faced redhead with a clumsy, pigeon-toed gait. To think that we can thank a bunch of sweaty dancers for this fundamental basketball maneuver. He led Philadelphia to the playoffs in every year as coach, and advanced to the NBA Finals 3 times, in the 197980, 198182 and 198283 seasons. In the 19701971 season he again was an All-Star starter and finished ninth in the NBA with 23.0 points per game. All rights reserved. Hes earned a list of nicknames, including LaVine The Machine as well as being part of the Bounce Brothers duo with Minnesota Timerwolves teammate Andrew Wiggins. He is still the winningest coach in Sixers history. With the exception of Chamberlain, Dr. J was the first superleaper who was also a superstar NBA player, and the first big-time player to exploit the dunk as an art form at the pro level. Trenkle had heard of the Gus Johnson nail, so when the Southern Idaho team was passing through Moscow on a trip, he ordered the bus driver to stop outside the Corner Club, and he took Joey inside. Here's a number: 44 inches. And there was a dog. He was a consummate team player, and he used the same unifying concept and enthusiasm to become a successful head coach. Sunday Nights with Bill Cunningham can be heard every Sunday on over 300 radio stations across the United States. On December 20, 1970, Cunningham scored 31 points and grabbed a career-high 27 rebounds en route to a 134132 road win over the Portland Trail Blazers. White is a regular at Hawk games and a fan of Wilkins. I cant put my finger on it exactly, but there was just something about the game. [15], For other people named William Cunningham, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, ACC 50th Anniversary men's basketball team, List of National Basketball Association single-game playoff scoring leaders, "The Rumble: AN OFF-THE-BALL LOOK AT YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS CELEBRITIES", "Philadelphia 76ers 134 - Portland Trail Blazers 132", Goldaper, Sam. They asked him to show how high he could jump, so with no warmup of any kind, in his school clothes, Joey stood there, jumped up and put his chin on the rim. ." You cant accomplish that feat unless youve got some serious springs in your heels! In the Division Finals, the Cougars lost a tight seven-game series to the Kentucky Colonels, 4 games to 3. Its unbelievable. Billy Cunningham found success as a coach in the NBA after his playing days were through. inBrooklyn,New York Billy Cunningham wasnt nicknamed the Kangaroo Kid because he had a pouch. Therefore, its best to use citations as a starting point before checking the style against your school or publications requirements and the most-recent information available at these sites: How tall is Billy Cunningham? Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? [6] He announced on June 15, 1972, that he was going to play with the Cougars beginning with the upcoming season at press conferences in Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina which occurred almost simultaneous to the Sixers' introduction of Roy Rubin as its new head coach.[7]. He holds the second-best regular-season winning percentage in league history of .698 (only Phil Jackson is ahead of him). It didnt happen, though, and Fernandez remains playing with Real Madrid, where he feels he is a better player.This, however, is debatable. As a sophomore, with as little work, he improved to 7-5 7/8. And he made it to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame with a career that reads like a how-to book for legends. The greatest nicknames in basketball are reserved for those who attain the greatest altitude. VIDEO: Giant Space Slingshot In Action. For his eleven-year career, Cunningham averaged 21.2 points per game. At (one NBA tryout camp), where we had a strong cross section of draftees, the highest was 36 1/2 inches. Shoots: Dont send letters, leapers. 3 June 1943 in Brooklyn, New York), professional basketball player known for his vertical leap who was a top scorer and rebounder in the 1960s and 1970s, and who later became a winning coach, television commentator, and team owner. To that end, heres this writers all-time all-leap team: Dr. J, the Big Dipper, Air Jordan, David Skywalker and Joey Johnson. Ill give you an example. In 1996 he was voted one of the top fifty players at the NBA's fiftieth anniversary. In his first ABA season, Cunningham averaged 24.1 points per game, 12.0 rebounds per game, and led the league in total steals. Yes, he married a former judge. billy cunningham vertical jump. 22 Feb. 2023 . Cunningham attended Erasmus Hall Nope. Jump to: Overview (3) | Mini Bio (1) | Family (1) Overview (3) Born: June 3, 1943 in New York, USA: Birth Name: William John Cunningham: Height: 6' 7" (2.01 m) Mini Bio (1) William John "Billy" Cunningham was born on June 3, 1943. Thunder Dan has more than made friends with the rim and earned his name! Billy Cunningham of the Philadelphia 76ers shoots a jump shot against the Boston Celtics during a game played in 1968 at the Boston Garden in Boston,. Effortless, absolutely effortless.. One explanation for the reverence accorded the big jumpers is offered by psychologist-sportscaster Bob Costas, who once did play-by-play for the Spirit of St. Louis, a team in the now-defunct American Basketball Assn., where every game was a jam-boree. These are true royalty: Sir Jamalot, Sir Slam, the Prince of Midair. Under Cunningham, the team reached the Eastern Conference finals in 1978 and the NBA finals in 1980 and 1982. Cunningham was subsequently replaced on CBS by Hubie Brown, but would return to CBS to help fill in during the 1990 NBA Playoffs, partnered with Verne Lundquist. One of basketball's all-time greats, Cunningham was elected to the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame and honored by selection to both the NBA's 50th and 75th Anniversary Teams as one of its legendary players, as well as to the ABA All-Time Team. That year, he was the First-Team All-New York The schools former coach, Frank McGuire, was the one who had recruited Cunningham, which left Smith with a prize recruit he had never seen. Ive heard stories about Jackie Jackson doing it, but Ive never seen anyone (but himself) come close., Sonny Hill, a Philadelphia leaping legend of the 60s, backs Wilt, saying, The only man thats been to the top, thats Wilt. But the final came down to David Thompson vs. Julius Erving--the Skywalker vs. the Doctor. The Cougars' attempt to file an injunction against him was denied in United States District Court on September 24, 1971. This guy that was also selected for the MLB draft, spent time with the Orioles, and pitched an impressive 96 mph. Think about Steve Nash and the beautiful game he played: flawless passes, sinking 90.4% of his free throws, point guard skills on point every time. If thats not impressive enough for you, he also played on two NBA championship teams and later coached the Philadelphia 76ers for eight seasons. There are celebrity dunk-offs. He scored 16,310 points and pulled down nearly 8,000 rebounds. In 1968-69, Cunningham broke loose, scoring 24.8 ppg and recording 12.8 rpg while earning his first of four consecutive All-Star appearances and the first of three successive berths on the All-NBA First Team. > Archive 75: Billy Cunningham| 75 Stories: Billy Cunningham. Cunningham was a member of the powerful 1967 Sixers championship team, which also featured Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, and Luke Jackson. He was called the Kangaroo Kid for his prodigious leaping ability. Browse 310 billy_cunningham stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. We played Portland in the last game of the season. In the NBA, where everyone can dunk--you wouldnt even want to rule out David Stern--there are really only a few top guns. Billy Cunningham found success and stardom during his ABA days. He ran out of his house and to the hoop at St. Rose of Lima grammar school, three blocks away. Cunningham also set a single-game North Carolina record with 48 points against Tulane on December 10, 1964. The following season, with the ABAs future in jeopardy, Cunningham returned to the 76ers. Youre entering another world up there. Though he portrayed a large woman in "You have to Walk it like you talk it or You'll Lose that Beat" (1971), he is best known as an American former professional basketball player and coach. Use without license or authorization is expressly prohibited. The SPORTS REFERENCE and STATHEAD trademarks are owned exclusively by Sports Reference LLC. Pasty skin. After that season, Cunningham jumped from the NBA to the ABA with the Carolina Cougars. Boston kept Philadelphia out of The 1981 Finals, but the Sixers roared back to the 1982 before falling to the Lakers again. There is no full-length biography of Cunningham, but he is mentioned in most authoritative histories of basketball and in several magazine and online profiles. . Chris Wallace, the college talent scout, said: I dont believe measurements. Mitch Kupchak witnessed a similar jump-off among 6-4 David Thompson, 6-9 Marvin Barnes and 7-4 Tom Burleson. Upon his retirement on May 28, 1985,[13] his 454 wins as a head coach were the 12th best in NBA history. Data Provided By Browse 1,052 billy cunningham stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. He was a role player on the 1967 title team in . Do you have a sports website? The new generation of jumpers, ushered in by Julius Erving, has pushed the dunk to new artistic heights. star and now the leagues vice president of operations. There is a tavern called the Corner Club, in Moscow, Ida. Eight players dunked in triple figures: Barkley of Philadelphia, 188; Jordan of Chicago, 156; Otis Thorpe of Golden State, 150; Pat Ewing of the Knicks, 146; Karl Malone of Utah, 142; Drexler of Portland, 130; Wilkins of Atlanta, 126, and Olajuwon of Houston, 118.