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Of course, being married, she has also changed her last name. -~#iCV[v/5vP k@|t6/8S@K` /8% ( drxq`H- @wc ~m2L`]'.cV#cJ&7sn{Qbo? Christie Ann Hugi, age 47, Springfield, OR Background Check Locations: Springfield OR, Modesto CA Possible Relatives: Daniel Stephen Hugi, Elizabeth A Hugi Christie A Hugi, age 47 View Full Report Address:***** 66th St, Springfield, OR. My Daughter is the most precious gem in the world to me, and I would take a bullet for HER!!! When she was asked who shot them, she replied with, my mom. After everything was said and done, and Diane was convicted, both Christie and Danny went to live with Fred Hugi, the lead prosecutor in the case. Wes: Yeah I do hope so, it's wrong because there are too many things, the tests that they ran on her; ballistics tests, she had no gunshot residue on her she no blood splatter on her and trace metal was negative, she passed all those. On May 19, 1983, Diane shot the children Cheryl, 7, Christie, 8, and Danny, 3 multiple times at a close range. Read More on The US Sun The children/family could claim what is called "personal injury" in that situation and sue for emotional damages they have suffered due to the tragic death, followed by separation from their mother and cutting ties with all their relatives, if the real guilty party or parties is realized and brought to justice. If youre here because youre curious to know where the surviving children are now, youve come to the right place. It was an unthinkable, brutal killing in 1983 that terrified parents around the country. They keep people who should be free, release people who should be jailed. At 20 years old, Becky found herself broke, homeless and pregnant for a second time. The eldest of Diane Downs children, she was joined by Cheryl Downs on Jan. 10, 1976, and Stephen Daniel Danny Downs on Dec. 29, 1979. The logic that convicting Downs, centering around her facial expressions, is not logical at all. Christie hugi whitney today Skip to content Brake Caliper Painting Near Me, Epstein And Clinton, Danny, a computer whiz, is still partially paralyzed from the bullet in his back, but he is living a happy and normal life. After being in state custody for several months, the girl testified that her mother shot her and the other two children. But hes not a wacko. Wes: (Chuckles) Yes, unfortunately yes, and I am very suspicious. Tim: In June, but you have several people that were very close to James Hanes who have told you, they do believe indeed he is the one. 1 2 . Danny Downs survived but was paralyzed. Wilhite immediately jumped back into his car and raced to McKenzie-Williamette Medical Center as fast as he could. Cheryl Lynn Downs, 7, was killed. The person who followed Diane reported that she was driving extremely slowly, about 5 to 7 mph, not "rushing" to the hospital at all. And he didn't ask any questions in regard to that did he? Looking for Christie Hugi in Modesto, California? Before moving to Joanne's current city of Springfield, OR, Joanne lived in Walterville OR. What Color Is Damask Neutral, Piebald Veiled Chameleon For Sale, Wes: He was in a motorcycle accident out near his place, in the country in Springfield, actually Junction City. (SALEM) - Here's the first question: what kind of person would set out to Murder their own children, deny the crime, and then choose to spend the rest of their natural life in prison rather than simply admitting they did it and being released?The second question is, what has happened in Oregon's courts to make facts become less than what they are? When I looked at Christie I thought she was dead, he said. Diane Downs children then began to suffer neglect as their mother started going out in hopes of finding a new partner. Wes: I did have a phone working so that she could call home if she wanted but for some reason she has been unable to contact us by phone. It is possible that the young girl, who the prosecutor, Fred Hugi, wanted to adopt, was well-coached, if not blatantly coerced. Downs was found guilty in June 1984, and sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years. Tim: So Wes, talk to me about the things that stand out in your mind when it comes to Diane, things like the gunpowder residue that we were going over this morning. With an alleged promise that Knickerbocker would follow when his divorce was finalized, Downs was happy to be near her parents and even accepted a job at the U.S. She replied simply, My mom. The trial of Diane Downs began in Lane County on May 8, 1984. ), Fred Hugi, Dena Reinhardt of Las Vegas, Nevada, made a chance phone call to the Hugi home. "I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make," she says. christie hugi whitney 2020; The Diane Downs' Case Was no Small Sacrifice - Crime Website; Christie, Danny & Becky Today (Jan 26, 2021) Learn about Christi (Hugi), Stephen (Danny), and Becky today. They wear the 1% patch which means that they are the 1% of motorcycle gangs who operate outside of the law. Elizabeth Diane Downs talks about her conviction for killing her 7 year old daughter and wounding two of her other children in Springfield, Ore., during an interview at the Correctional Institute for Woman in Clinton, N.J., March 12, 1989. %PDF-1.4 It's obvious the apple doesn't fall far from the tree you're all a bunch of nuts . Elizabeth Diane Downs, the convicted childkiller who escaped July 11, 1987 from the women's prison in Salem, Ore., is escorted out of state police headquarters in Salem following her capture July 21, 1987. Christie Whitney was born on 02/09/1964 and is 58 years old. They have both graduated from college. The surgeon who helped to save Christie's life told ABC News: When I looked at Christie I thought she was dead. Are you in contact fairly regularly? Downs was found guilty on all charges on June 17, 1984, and was . Im lucid. Not just a son, but a couple of other children as well, including a daughter, who she named after her dead sister, Cheryl. Watch my updated video with the identity of the bushy-haired stranger here:\u0026t=33sThe following news release was submitted exclusively to The Jerusalem Post ( on September 4th, 2020.Diane Downs (born August 7, 1955) is an American woman who was convicted of the murder of her daughter and the attempted murder of her other two children with a .22 caliber pistol in May of 1983 along the remote Old Mohawk Road a couple of miles north of Springfield, Lane County, Oregon. "I have an amazing family, and there's not room in my life for someone like Diane Downs," Becky says. /SM 0.02 /Producer ( Q t 4 . Tim: And the fact that Ann Rule, who is so well known after writing so many books, when she showed up that obviously let people know that she was believing the police at that point, Ann Rule? Then in April, Diane whisked Christie and the rest of her family away to Springfield, Oregon. Diane Downs became one of the most infamous murderers in the city after she was convicted of shooting her three children, killing one of them, along a roadway in Springfield, Oregon. The lead prosecutor in the case, Lane County Assistant Dist. We had people in several cities that would have taken them, that were family members. They love me, but at the same time theyre uncomfortable with ever being with me again.Newsom takes a more cautious and stringent four-tier approach than his first reopening effort. Tim: After the shooting happened, I understand he was driving a brand new vehicle all of a sudden and that lent weight to the theory that he had been given a pretty big payment to commit the act against Diane and your grandchildren? Wes: If she had been sitting behind the driver's seat as she said, the trajectory would have been downward and there would have been spray all over, blood spray all over the seat, and it was not. We know that Christie is married at this point. 6 0 obj Tim: Was there anything suspicious about his death that you knew of? They told me that he was picked up by the police near the crime scene, and he was released that same night. Fourteen year-old Christie Ann was left with speech impairment, and 9-year-old Danny is paralyzed from the waist down. She named the fourth baby Amy Elizabeth before the state handed her over to her adoptive parents. Feng Shui House On Curved Road, Facebook gives people the. At around 10 p.m. that May night, police said Diane Downs pulled over to the side of a country road near Springfield and shot her three small children multiple times at close range. He was shocked when she suggested he pull the plug as Christie was likely brain dead. Wilhite got a judge to legally make him and another doctor Christie Downs guardians so they could treat her in peace. How convenient again. They might not refer to it the same way. The girl was later renamed Rebecca Babcock. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. His name never came up in any court proceedings. You know he was shaking his head as a young reporter throughout the whole thing. Tim: If that wasn't a conflict of interest then I don't honestly know this is Fred Hugi. Well, kind of, Hidden, illegal casinos are booming in L.A., with organized crime reaping big profits, Look up: The 32 most spectacular ceilings in Los Angeles, 19 cafes that make L.A. a world-class coffee destination, Best coffee city in the world? Tim: Well the newspaper, the Eugene Register Guard, they covered parts of the story that showed they were trying to be fair, do you agree with that? And she's not. 7) A 27-year-old divorced postal service worker, Downs claimed a bushy-haired stranger had shot them and maintains her innocence to this day. An appeal of the conviction was set aside without comment on Jan. 4. Super Snow Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko, When then-prosecutor Fred Hugi asked Christie if she remembered who shot her, Christie Downs replied, "My mom.". Previously cities included Longbranch WA and Lakewood WA. The defense, meanwhile, relied on the idea that a bushy-haired stranger was to blame. By the time Wilhite arrived, Downs had driven her blood-soaked car to the emergency room. Wes: I think that he had several opportunities just like that and he just 'No further questions'. She was wounded by a single bullet in the left arm. Christie is now in her forties, according to Tuko, and the accident left her with a speech handicap. Is Cgp Grey Autistic, Pelis 24 Hs, Lead prosecutor Fred Hugi argued she shot her kids to revive the affair with Knickerbocker. Tim: And I don't mean to sound rude but the car was a mess. They love me, but at the same time theyre uncomfortable with ever being with me again.. Christie testified in court, \"My mom shot Cheryl then Danny then me.\" The State had been preparing Christie for over a year and she was \"the\" key witness. The fact that there was no residue on her hands later does not "prove" she didn't fire a gun. They just choose to ignore it, and that way with nothing said they don't have to do anything about it. Pat Horton was the attorney for the gang and he was also the District Attorney in her murder case. Hes genuine.. How Many People Did Stalin Kill? Gao Weiguang And Dilraba Dilmurat Drama, Happily married, she gave birth to a son in 2005 and a daughter she named Cheryl Lynn in honor of her sister. Then, learn about Susan Smith, the woman who drowned her children in a lake. Tim: Most people who have paid attention to this story believe he is indeed the person who pulled the trigger that night. On page 32 of that (transcribed) conversation, Dena Reinhardt continues her very long conversation with Christie \"Or do you think she really, you think she really didn't do it, huh? As for Danny, he has kept his life private. We've got three children who have been shot, Wilhite told 20/20. And my whole body just tingled. Tim: No I don't think the courts were fair either in looking back at this, but it is the Register Guard where we can go read about certain parts of this case that will really make you shake your head. Many attribute the conviction of Downs to the arrival of author Ann Rule at Downs' trial. Becky says she always knew she was adopted, but when she turned 8, she started asking questions about her biological mother. Will Dominion-Fox News lawsuit be different? /AIS false She remained at large for 10 days until she was found with a group of men less than a mile from the prison. The eldest of Diane Downs' children, she was joined by Cheryl Downs on Jan. 10, 1976, and Stephen Daniel "Danny" Downs on Dec. 29, 1979. She's doing well. 105 Followers, 77 Following, 20 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Christie Whitney (@christiewhit18) What Color Is Damask Neutral, And, considering how the emotionally flat blonde responded to the whole experience of the shooting, the trial, and the conviction, it was no surprise that ABCs 20/20 decided to cover the case. To the shock of journalists and jurors alike, she was visibly pregnant. - Tim King, Dec-10-2008: Diane Downs Denied by Oregon Parole Board - And Christie's mother, Diane, could-- say whatever she wanted. Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Walkthrough, Christie and Danny are now in their 30s and have chosen to live private lives. According to, "Christie and Dannyhave chosen to live private lives." Looking for Whitney Christie online? It's not about money because I have plenty of money to but she says they have it blocked. In a recorded telephone interview, h. Prison guards at Clinton say Downs keeps to herself, but associates say she thrives on publicity. They have both graduated from college. Tim: So how often do you hear from Diane? The FBI lists the 'Free Souls' as an outlaw motorcycle gang. She was white She was not breathing. James Hanes had a nickname of 'Animal' and he proved it many times. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Well that is the one that has always stood out in my mind, and I know, I've read about the trial, I wasn't there but my friend Eric was there and he's gone over it with me in great detail. In a previous article I cited a US soldier who smiled while talking about the loss of his friends in Afghanistan. Tim: OK, and Diane worked as a postal delivery worker, I think many people don't realize that that was Wes: Yes, she was working in Eugene, and Eugene is a twin city to Springfield. Because she seemed "aloof". Danielle Peterson/Statesman Journal via AP, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Rhd Mr2 Turbo For Sale, Christie Downs survived the shooting with injuries. They also concluded from a blood stain that the way the towel she wrapped around her arm was very accurate. White also would not identify him.She said the couple are in the preliminary stages of applying for permission to marry. 1996 Sea Ray 175 Bow Rider, I've been told that the police said he fell in the room and broke his neck. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz While Diane Downs had a traumatizing childhood of her own, she escaped the abusive clutches of her father to start a new life. The coronavirus puts those hard-won gains at risk.Commercials have driven Hollywoods production restart in wake of pandemic, but some crews and unions say safety enforcement still falls shortTwo were dead, and one was injured after shootings amid protests in Kenosha, Wis. Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was arrested on homicide charges. In fact, Downs would have already been released if she admitted to the crime, but she refuses, she will spend the rest of her life in prison before making that claim, she says. Email us atexclusive@the-sun.comor call212 416 4552. And, Cheryl Lynn, had reportedly told a neighbor of her grandparents that she was afraid of her mother. Christie A Hugi . [/Pattern /DeviceRGB] At the time, they were the biggest drug dealers in the Eugene/Springfield area.The gunman who they chose was Springfield native Mark Koch, who was a big-time meth cook (manufacturer) closely associated with the 'Free Souls' gang, and maybe a 'Free Souls' member, himself.Pat Horton and the Free Souls were so afraid that they would get caught that they coerced world-famous crime author Ann Rule to write a book that told their story. Can religion save us from Artificial Intelligence? Wes: I'd really like to start with the first time I heard somebody say, they knew who did it. Read also 1 0 obj Wilhite, a general surgeon, checked the page -- in those days you didn't have cell phones, he said -- and was instantly filled with dread and adrenaline. In 2005, she gave birth to her first child, a boy, and later gave birth to a daughter who she named Cheryl after her sister. (laughter) Now some of the newspaper coverage seemed somewhat fair, of the trial, is that true? Tim: Yeah there was pressure on him for the drugs having disappeared. Frederickson says evidence clearly proves his daughter could not have shot her children. $4%&'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? DIANE Downs is serving a life sentence for horrific crimes she committed against her own children. View the profiles of people named Christie Whitney. Mark also told me that he and his brother, Mike Koch were well-known meth cooks (manufacturers of methamphetamine) during that time period (1983). Downs said: "I got pregnant because I miss Christie and I miss Danny and I miss Cheryl so much. Her words and her tone were sincere, and should be considered, even at this late date. (DALLAS, Texas) - 30 years have passed, but the parents of Diane Downs, Wes and Willadene Frederickson, still remain hopeful that their daughter can find justice in Oregon's courts for a wrongful conviction and life sentence.